April 22, 2012

Stripping For Fun: My Refinishing Project!

I love to find a great piece of inexpensive furniture that I know has potential. With a little effort and even less money you can have both classic and statement pieces before you know it.

I found this cute little side table at a garage sale last year for only $5. So far I have only invested $10 for paint stripper, $1 for a few sheets of sand paper and a few hours of time.

What you'll need for stripping:
  • Paint stripper (I like Strip-ease or Zip Strip)
  • Sand paper
  • Steal wool
  • Old paint brush (To apply the paint stripper)
  • Rags
I began my project by disassembling the piece. Then I applied the paint stripper as directed and wiped the paint away. As you can see I will need to hit a few of the difficult spots a second time. After that I will lightly sand each piece and they will be ready for stain and a finish. The weather was so beautiful after work this week that I got excited and began stripping the paint off before I remembered to take a before picture!

Stay tuned for the next step.

Table top with stripper.
Paint on table top and middle bubbling.
Paint wiped away with one swipe!
Table top and middle without paint.
Table layout.