April 17, 2012

Fashion Fail!!

Please disregard the HORRIBLE photo quality. I didn't know how hard it is to take photos of yourself. I found this really beautiful all cotton, size XXL top at Goodwill. I just loved the soft green and blue colors. I thought that I could quickly and easily turn this beautiful piece of fabric into a tunic. I remembered that I had a tunic pattern from a LONG time ago that I had stored away. I thought it would be good to use this pattern as cutting guide.
Using a pattern helps to get a good idea of where the waist should be in relationship to the rest of the garment. I still needed to take another two inches off of the side seams get a little better fit.
I felt awkward wearing it and it still felt boxy. I think this is a fashion fail. I welcome any ideas from you, please feel free to comment.