March 27, 2012

Garage Sale Wonders

It is safe to say that our family has turned summer garage sale-ing into an extreme sport! I love finding inexpensive furniture and decorations for my new place; what a rush! And now I can garage sale for all of the supplies I need for crafts found on pinterest.

For this craft I found a neat, good quality picture frame at a garage sale and purchased less than $5 of supplies at a local hardware.

Supplies needed:
  • Picture Frame
  • Mesh Screen the size of the frame
  • 2 Eyelet Screws
  • 24" or so of Wire
  • Staples and Staple Gun or Nails and Hammer

After removing the old picture and glass cover the back of the frame with the mesh and staple in place. Next screw in the eyelet screws about 1/3 of the way down. Thread wire through the eyelets leaving a little bit of slack. Ta-da, thats it!

I hung the frame above my necklaces and am using it for my earrings.
Back of frame with mesh.
Mesh stapled to back of frame.
Eyelet screwed to back of frame.
Eyelet threaded with wire.
Finished project!