November 26, 2011

And so it begins...

My mother, my sister and I are three of the most different people you will ever meet. There are however a couple of things tying us together, one of which is our love for creativity. Yup, we can't deny it and if you are reading this my guess is that you can't either.

But who is to blame? Nature or Nurture? This one we are calling nurture. As different as we are, we can all preach this --> "I got my crafty from my mama!" Creativity has been passed down for at least three generations now. The head of this hierarchy is none other than Helen herself.

Isn't she gorgeous?
 Here in the picture Helen, a child of the Great Depression, is in her prom dress which later served as her wedding dress. The material is Dotted Swiss. She got married during World War II when conserving was a must. Perhaps that's where the original craftiness came from; a need for honest ingenuity; for thinking outside the box. Her circumstances eventually changed, but the joy of creating something never did. Instead it was passed down to my Aunts and Mother, and eventually to my sister and I. See, like the title says, we really did get our crafty from our mama's!